We integrate data and geolocation intelligence for sustainability-driven ventures

Environmental Informatics System Mobile App

The Environmental Informatics System (EIS) was developed as a tool which allows citizens to contribute to environmental management, infrastructure maintenance and service delivery through regular reporting of issues experienced by them. Issues relating to pollution and waste management, road, water and energy infrastructure can be reported for viewing by municipalities and relevant service providers


This was one of the first systems we developed. While it was not utilised by municipalities as intended. A version of the system was used by a team at the Duzi-UMngeni Conservation Trust (DUCT) during an area waste clean-up project.

Sustainatag Platform

Our Sustainatag.com platform is aimed at creating a database of businesses and non-profits involved with sustainability.  The Sustainatag platform will give further exposure to the organizations to potential investors, partners and collaborators. In addition, the platform facilitates conversations on sustainability-relevant topics in Africa. Therefore, it is aimed at being a digital hub for Sustainability in Africa that also considers and engages with similar platforms and adds to their value rather than competing with them

Township Locations Data Platform

Sturtium worked with Abiri Innovations to develop their Township Locations Data Platform. The system is aimed at providing location intelligence on houses, businesses and important locations in townships which do not have traditional addresses and are not mapped by systems such as Google Maps. The lack of information on these systems makes it difficult for food and parcel deliveries, community health and development applications. The system is geared towards improving sustainable development in rural areas and townships by utilizing data analytics and location intelligence.