We integrate data and geolocation intelligence for sustainability-driven ventures

Human-computer hybrid approach to sustainability

At Sturtium, we see technology as complimentary to human capabilities, and not substitutes for them. Institutions, whether for-profit or non-profit can combine data analytics and human expertise to gain insights for better decision making, optimizing workflows and giving their teams the edge they need to solve complex challenges

We develop data ecosystems to assist institutions focused on solving sustainability challenges by helping them manage and develop projects, distribute products and services, and harness science and engineering expertise

Our ecosystems allow users to visualise their projects and map out footprints and supply chains, with geolocation data and interactive satellite imagery overlays. The ecosystems also include market, technology and development insights on businesses and non-profits working on social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainability in Africa; as well as harnessing data analytics from public and private data to extract useful insights from divergent sources of information.

Ground-level focus and support

We focus specifically on smaller scale organizations that would not be serviced by larger established software companies. We offer to be more involved in their operations, providing direct support with our sustainability-relevant scientific, engineering and development expertise.  

The expertise that we can provide covers the fields of Environmental Management and Restoration, Water Resources Management, Satellite Imagery Analytics and Informatics, Agricultural Engineering, Operations Optimization, Data Science and Analytics, and several others. 

Rather than compete with other companies in the sustainability technology and development space, we aim for co-operation. We want to educate people on what products and services are available or are being developed with relevance to the 3 areas of sustainability (Social, Environmental and Economic). Thereby also providing exposure to the businesses and non-profits and improving their access to markets, insights on potential competitors, collaborators and customers.

Community Projects

Community Garden Micro-irrigation Project

Sturtium worked with Green-Arch Innovation to design and install a micro-sprinkler irrigation system for a miniature vertical garden, for the benefit of a small community agriculture project new Hammarsdale in KwaZulu-Natal

Solar Power System for Gubhethuka Agricultural Project

Sturtium worked with Green-Arch Innovation for a second rural community agricultural project in Richards Bay. Green-Arch designed and developed the agricultural systems, including aquaculture and hydroponics. Sturtium designed a solar power system to provide a small amount of back-up power, using our agricultural engineering expertise, and installed the system with the assistance of a professional electrician