We integrate data and geolocation intelligence for sustainability-driven ventures

Human-computer hybrid approach to sustainability

At Sturtium, we see technology as complimentary to human capabilities, and not substitutes for them. Institutions, whether for-profit or non-profit can combine data analytics and human expertise to gain insights for better decision making, optimizing workflows and giving their teams the edge they need to solve complex challenges

We develop data ecosystems to assist institutions focused on solving sustainability challenges by helping them manage and develop projects, distribute products and services, and harness science and engineering expertise

Sustainable entity data


Geolocation data

Social development

Create value from data

Our flexible and customizable technology-enabled ecosystem allows you to extract insights from divergent sources of information and combine it with human expertise for better planning and decision making

better engage clients

By mapping out your organization's progress and visualizing your data, your team will be able to more efficiently make your case to clients, partners and potential investors

gain insights on entities

We're developing a platform to provide insights on African businesses and non-profits working on sustainability-focused topics. Our platform is aimed at giving exposure to these institutions as well as facilitating engagement

Harness expertise

We're not just developers, we have in-house scientific and engineering expertise relevant to all aspects of sustainability

Analytics, Connectivity and Development Support for Sustainable Technologies, Social Enterprises and Greener Economies

Sustainatag is a platform for businesses, social enterprises, Investors and public institutions.  A digital ecosystem for enabling emerging players in sustainability to market their enterprises, network and harness data, scientific and engineering insight to develop and expand